Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What a day.....

Today was the first day of classes. My plan was to wake up at 8am just so I would have plenty of time to get ready, get some food, find a parking spot (you know how bad parking is on the 1st day of classes), find my building, and then find my classroom. Well, great plan, but it wasn't followed through with. When my alarm went off, I pressed snooze....again and again and again. I finally got out of bed at 8:40.....geez! So there went all my planning. I did however make it to class on time. Can I just say how much I HATE auditorium classrooms. One teacher for 300+ students. Ughhhhh. Then, after that class I had 15 minutes to walk my butt all the way across campus to get to my other class. Microbiology. Enough said about that. One thing did happen in that class that I wasn't even expecting. There was a deaf student in there who had a person to sign for him. It was amazing watching that and just realizing how much I take for granted day in and day out, like the ability to hear. This guy couldn't even hear the people laughing in class about what the teacher said, he couldn't hear the teacher, he couldn't even hear the turning of pages.......and I can do all of that and I take it for granted. I take talking (and hearing) on the phone for granted. I take so many little things for granted and I realized I shouldn't do that. I'm sure that guy would give up anything to be able to hear like I do for one day, but days go by where I don't even think about the ability to hear just because I do it everyday. It made me realize how blessed I truly am and how lucky and thankful to God that He has blessed me with all my senses and all the abilities that I have. I am going to do my best to remember to be thankful more often about how blessed I really am. Tonight, The Walk at church starts back up and I'm so excited! I'm so happy I feel better, and I can go!

OH......and as most of Tennessee SHOULD know by now, we lost our football coach last night. Lane Kiffin was only here for 14 months and then last night he says he is going to be the new head coach at USC (where he is from), and just ups and leaves us. People are PISSED! Beyond it actually. There are police blocking the road to his house because there are death threats and everything. He is taking 2 of the coaches with him, and we have already lost 2 so we basically have no coaching staff now. And on top of that, official signing day is NEXT month, so we are losing so many guys that had committed to UT because we have no coach.....there goes our whole recruiting class. He screwed us over....simple as that. Eric Berry did the right thing and left when he did. There is a facebook group called "Dear Lane Kiffin, We hate you, Love The Vols" and I just wanted to share some funny comments and pictures. Some are a little much, but just take it with a grain of salt and laugh a little....

"Who names their son "Knox" and then moves back to Cal? What a DA! Jokes on you sell out"

"I'm not even a college football fan, but this was just plain dirty. I'll be rooting for UT from here on in"

"Can we keep your wife, please??"

"Kiffin the Coward"

"Thanks for being the biggest let down in the History of Tennessee football coaches"

"I don't know who is more faithful, Lane Kiffin or Tiger Woods"

Now time for some pictures

"Riots" from last night

I hope he realizes the wrath of Vol Nation is brutal.

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  1. Holy cow I'd be pissed too!! Those are pretty dang funny know his tail is between his legs right now.



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