Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I hate when my head hurts

after I've been crying. Today was just blah. I don't even know why I started crying. I guess just everything hit me at once. I have been applying to nursing schools and it is stressing me out. On top of that all, I don't have the greatest GPA. I have a 3.0 and I'm pretty sure to even get into UT you have to a 3.5 or up. I had my first nursing class today and it just made me really nervous and upset. After class, as I was walking back to my car, and I called my mom and just started crying. I'm sure everyone around me thought I was a complete idiot, but I couldn't stop. I could hardly talk.........I hate not knowing what gonna happen. I'm even scared I'm gonna spend all this money and all this time trying to get my nursing degree and then I won't even like it. Ugh....I just wish life would be simple

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there KB! You are a VERY smart girl and you have TONS of potential! You will to just great! Dont stress it girl! Pray about it and everything will fall into place, just wait! I love you!



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