Monday, April 5, 2010

Ugh Monday

So since this is my blog, I am allowed to complain as much as I want, right? Ok....well here goes

Today has just been.....blah. Not good at all, and it doesn't look like it is going to be getting any better.

Well, last night I decided to wear my retainer (I know, who really cares right?) because I need to get my bottom teeth straight again. Well, I knew my teeth would be sore today, but I had no idea I would wake up in the middle of the night because my teeth hurt so bad. So I took it out and tried to fall back asleep. I know I'm gonna have to keep wearing it,but danggg it hurt.

Then when my alarm went off this morning, I woke up and my throat hurt to the touch. Sooo freaking weird. This has never happened to me before. I don't have a sore throat, no cough, nothing...just touching my hand where my glands in my throat are hurt so bad. And they also feel swollen. Great....just peachy. Andrew was sick this weekend but there was NO way I wasn't kissing him so I took my chances, but man that bit me in the butt. I swear, every time Andrew is sick or he leaves, I get sick, and it is usually 10x worse then whatever he had.

Well, then while I'm leaving, I lock my bedroom door and completely forgot that my apartment keys are hanging on the back of the door. Too late now. I couldn't even lock our front door this morning. That made me feel just great, and then I felt bad so I locked my roommate's door just to be safe. So now, after I get off of work, I'm gonna have to go to the office at my apartment and see if someone can walk me up to my apartment and let me in. They better not give me any grief about it since it was a mistake.

After the whole key incident, I make it to school barely on time. School wasn't to bad, expect everything in micro is going over my head and we have a test in 1 week.

When I was leaving, I noticed this girl's shoes and it made me sooo mad. Ok, let me explain on this one. For my birthday, my parents ordered me these awesome Nike shocks. Repeat...AWESOME! The only problem is they were a little snug, so I took them back to the store and asked them if I could return them and have them send me a size 10. "Sure no problem, they should be here in 3-5 business days." Well, great, off I go. In 3-5 business days, I finally get my shoes, open the box and they are the wrong flipping color. My shoes were black and pink, these were purple and white? off I go back to the store and tell them these aren't my shoes and I would like the correct ones. "Sure, no problem". So I wait for my correct shoes to come in and I get a call from my dad. The store had called him and said, "The shoes I wanted are now out of stock ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY so I could go to the store and get my money back or she could send him the money." Are you flipping kidding me? It is not my fault you sent me the wrong color and now the shoes I want are not available. Maybe if you had sent me the right color the first time, we wouldn't have had this problem. Sooo.....back to today, I saw a girl with "my" shoes on and I wanted to snatch them off her feet and run....but I didn't. lol

Now, I'm at work and my throat/glands are still killing me. I have a doctor's appt on Wednesday if nothing changes. My head is starting to pound too and I'm freezing (which makes me think I have a temperature.) I can't even concentrate on my homework because I feel so bad.

So here is to me hoping the next 8 hour and 15ish minutes of this day get better!! Sorry I know this post was completely annoying and full of complaining, but I feel much better now and I didn't have to go off on mission accomplished.

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