Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm loving it here

Even though people say there isn't much to do here in Jacksonville, I still am liking it so far!! Andrew showed me around base yesterday and holy moly it is HUGE!!!!!! We were making a joke that it is probably as big as Knoxville. It might not be that big, but man, it is huge! He took me to the MCX and I of course had to buy some MC t-shirts and I got myself a flag so I can put in my room! I promise, I'm not overly moto! I got to see colors being doing (if that is how you even say that phrase) and I got a base pass for the rest of the week so I can get on base if I need too! I really like it here and I know this week is gonna fly by!!!

I'm going to the beach today with Becky and I'm so excited!!! Then tomorrow I'm doing lunch with some ladies! Then hopefully Christa will have her baby so I can see her!!!!!

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